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Claire and Sam tied the knot at Lympstone Church in Devon on what was another fine summers day and we certainly seem to be having a few of these this year! For a change I was allowed to get a couple of photographs from the front of the church, but as is becoming increasingly common in Devon, made to stand at the back for the rest of the ceremony. Anyway I managed to get a few nice ones during the ceremony including the blessing where the Sam had the word ‘HELP’ written across the soles of his shoes! :-) He didn’t mean it!

As Sam is an Officer in the Royal Navy, they held their reception at the Officers Mess, Royal Marines TC Lympstone. There was no doubt that we were on a military base because during the afternoon there was plenty of activity on the parade ground in front of the Officers Mess with marching and so forth! For wedding photographers in Devon this is not a venue we get to work at very often.

Anyway, the wedding breakfast was served to about 120 guests in the Officers Dining Room. The main course was Fish & Chips – I hear that Robbie Williams also had the same at his wedding this week. The whole day was very relaxed with friends and family. Here are a few from the day:


















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  • Jenny Middleton

    Fabulous photos Ian, looking at them is like re-living the day all over again.

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