Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style of wedding photography?

We describe our photographic style as documentary. What that means is, we are there to record a photographic story of the day as it unfolds paying particular attention to the small details that often go unnoticed. We realise that you will still want some of the more traditional posed shots which we will gladly arrange.


How much should I spend on wedding photography?

Simple – what you can afford! That said, the wedding photography is an area that is often overlooked when setting the wedding budget. Your wedding day is probably going to be the most important day of your lives and you will want to have a memorable record of the day that will last a lifetime.


How much time will we need to allow for the formal photography?

We recognise the importance of the formal photographs, but also understand how keen you and you guests will be to get to the reception. With this in mind we work quickly and try to complete the formal photographs within 30-45 minutes, but naturally this depends on how many group photographs you require and the co-operation of your guests.


How far in advance are you booked?

Our advice is to book your photographer as soon as possible, 9-12 months in advance is normal, although it is always worth enquiring even at short notice to see if your date is available.


Do we get to choose the photographs for our wedding album?

Absolutely! We will design an initial layout for your wedding album based on how we saw the story of your day unfold. Once this is done we will let you see a copy before it goes to print. If you want to make any changes to the layout or photographs used we will make the changes and send you a further draft copy to approve.


What happens if your equipment breaks during the wedding?

Kudos Photography always carries backup equipment in case of failure.


Will we be able to give you a list of the photographs to be taken?

We will send you our ˜Fact Finder’ about a month before your wedding, which will provide a tick box for the must have photographs and space for any additional requests you make.


Can we have colour and black & white photographs?

You can have any of your photographs printed in colour, sepia, black & white.


What are proofs?

Proofs are the images we send you to help choose the photographs for your wedding album and/or other photographic products. The images are all finished by hand and you will typically receive a mixture of colour, black & white and any other effect that we thought suitable. Depending on the package you will receive between 150-300 images in a proof book and/or on a CD. Proof images are also available for purchase in 6″ x 4″ photographs.


Do you shoot film or digital?

These days we shoot entirely digital. There are many arguments about which is best, we just happen to believe that digital allows us to provide many more benefits to our clients.


Why do I need a professional photographer?

It’s your special day and the job of a professional photographer is to record it in a way that represents your own memories of the day. You cannot rely on your guests with their point and shoot cameras to provide the coverage and commitment to quality throughout the day.


How many photographs will you take at our wedding?

We take an unlimited number of photographs during the time we are there.


Will you be our photographer on the day?

The photographer whose portfolio of work you see will be your photographer on the day.


Do you require us to provide food for you on the day?

We do not require you to provide food for us, but it is always greatly appreciated. At many weddings we are invited to eat with the guests, which allows us to capture other special moments that occur.


How do we go about booking you?

As we have said above, we do get booked up very early. If you are thinking about booking us or making an enquiry, use the form on the ‘contact’ page. Kudos Photography operates a first come first serve policy and cannot hold a date for more than 5 days without a retainer.


I hate having my picture taken – will that be a problem?

Me too!! If you are anything like me then you will hate having ‘posed for’ photographs taken. Because we mainly shoot ‘documentary style’, you may not even be aware we are taking your photograph, so you will look natural and relaxed. During the formals we will do our best to help you feel relaxed and may prompt you if it helps.


How can we pay you?

You can pay for your wedding photography by cash, cheque, debit and credit cards. We also have a budget scheme for you to pay for your photography package in monthly installments.


Do you have professional insurance?

Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance. We would always recommend that the client also takes out the appropriate level of wedding insurance.