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I’m a bit behind on blogging at this time of year – Better late than never (last year it was non existent!)

Phillipa & Jay were unlucky to have had a grey, wet day for they’re wedding. Fortunately thats where the bad luck ended. They were surrounded by family and friends at Lakeview Manor near Honiton where their ceremony and reception took place.

When I arrived at Lakeview I was chatting to Jay for a minute or two until he said “oh you need Jay, he’s outside” It turns out that Jay was an identical twin! Fortunately I soon worked out the very subtle differences between them so as not organise any inappropriate photographs ;-)

Phillippa arrived shortly after looking stunning with a big grin that you often see brides with when they are about to get married. The ceremony was conducted by the registrars from Honiton who are great and have a very relaxed attitude towards photography. They don’t tell you what you can or can’t do, they just say ‘get some nice photos’ – how refreshing!

We did manage to get outside for one or two photographs, dodging the ever threatening rain showers. Phillippa and Jay just took it all in their stride and made the most of their moment. I left shortly after the first dance and asked them where they were going for honeymoon, the answer was ‘don’t know yet, we’re going to the travel agents on Monday to see what they have at short notice’. Hope you found somewhere nice to go!